Granite or Marble in Windsor Kitchens is a Tough Choice – but Marble has Many Pros!

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Marble: Pros and Cons

It is not hard to understand the popularity of marble. It conveys success and prestige. Its glossy surface and unique swirls are pleasing to the eye. Each piece is unique. And, for something so beautiful, the stone is also uniquely practical. It is hypo-allergenic and, as a kitchen counter, provides a sanitary, anti-bacterial surface. Its coolness makes it ideal for countertop food preparation and, as flooring, it can be a pleasant relief on a hot day. It is easy to clean and disinfect and, like granite, incredibly durable. No wonder granite and marble in Windsor are so popular!
There are drawbacks. Marble can scratch, so cutting boards are needed for countertops. It requires regular resealing to retain its beauty and, if uncoated, can cloud. It will stain and is especially vulnerable to red wine and some fruits. When used as flooring, it is slippery when wet – though it can be honed to add traction.

Marble Countertops – A Few Surprises

The cost factor of marble can actually be a pleasant surprise. It is not necessary to break the bank with some rare variety. Carrara marble from Italy, for example, is quite reasonable and has a classic, timeless beauty all of its own. As mentioned, food preparation is a breeze on marble – it is sanitary and cool, which is wonderful for working with pastry. And it is widely available. You can find good supplies of marble from nearly every stone dealer, though you will find the best selection at some of the more prestigious family-run operations.

Marble Backsplashes

Functionality can give way to pure artistry with backsplashes. Yes, a backsplash can make cleaning chores easier; marble’s gloss means that splashed food can be removed easily. But primarily, a backsplash is about making some design noise that really captures your family and home’s vibe.
Spend some time at your marble dealer picking out the right colour and design for your marble backsplash. Consider a few of the following options:
  • A bold colour will really pick up a plain marble or granite countertop. The same applies to the rest of your kitchen’s décor; if it is modern, then a dramatic marble can add both a classic touch as well as colour.
  • However, you can also carry on your contemporary look with some of the more subdued marble that is available. By going the less-colour-is-more route, you will draw attention to other features in your room, from the walls, to the island, or even the appliances.
  • You can play with marble tiles and create a striking pattern.  The kitchen is a room for fun and bustle – why not keep it cheery with something of your own creation!
  • Remember that your backsplash is the part of the room that will be at eye level, when you are sitting down to eat.  Make it count!
Don’t be afraid to talk this over with your marble dealer. Stone is their business and the rock upon which they build their commercial reputation. They will be delighted to explore options – and will appreciate your own enthusiasm for their product.